For the best caregiving
that EVERYONE deserves.

No Worries.
We will accompany you on your journey.

Take your caregiving skills to the next level

Improve career opportunities and earning potential
Enhance your professional caregiving skills.
Best state-approved online caregiver training modules and courses for agencies.
Access to online training tools and resources at your convenience.

Streamline Process.
Cost Efficient. Flawless.

All the support for your caregiving needs.
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AI- Powered and Automated platform that reduces tedious administrative tasks.
Hassle Free access that enables care teams to save time.
Money Built-In preventive care systems that detects early symptoms and red flags potential risks.

Give the best care for your beloved family.

Patient and Family centered care
Prepare with Love

ViseCare is the right place and a great starting point to build your caregiving foundation.
Our platform will help facilitate your learning process and is stress-free.
Enjoy our resources and tips that will answer your questions and help you overcome any obstacle and challenge.

Better Support Best Care

AI Curated Care Coordination Platform

Innovative Technology.
Accessible Content by One- Touch.

A digital platform that will make a caregiver’s journey effortless.
An accountable remote client core management database.
Technology created to deliver seamless care from the comfort of your home by automating tasks to improve the caregiving process and optimizing performance.

Care Academy

Online Caregiver Training for Agencies
Caregivers will love to complete their training with ViseCare Academy.


24/7 Care Enablement
Utilize tech enabled solutions to offer round the clock safety net services while optimizing the performance of your caregiver staff.

Senior Note

Offering mental, social and physical activities for adults requiring assistance due to cognitive impairments or chronic health conditions.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care through clinical practice, education and research. We are here to improve quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while being recognized as the leader in home health services.

Our Founding Team

Our founders recognize the importance of having a trusted support system when it comes to caregiving and home health services. They have first-hand experience and compassion towards each individual caregiver and patient. ViseCare truly understands the impact and the challenges it brings to a family’s well-being.
CEO / Founder

Janice Choi

Head of Finance

Jerry Choi

Head of Strategy

Sebastian Kwon

Head of Operation

Kate Park

Head of Design

Liz Woo

Head of Producer

Joseph Yun

Head of Strategy

Sebastian Kwon

Head of Design

Liz Woo

We build healthcare technology that empowers

Our secure platform offers mobile experiences that drive transparency, choice and control

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